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Tuesday with 4 notes / reblog

in-between things.
Tuesday with 7 notes / reblog
Tuesday with 120 notes / reblog
Some Tsarmina sketches I had lying around.
Tuesday with 6 notes / reblog
Some sketch pages that I owed a contest winner from DA. o: They had lovely characters!
Saturday with 13 notes / reblog
Just things in progress.
Wednesday with 4 notes / reblog
Actual paint, for the first time in over a year. Fixing up the WIP that has been sitting in my living room for forever.
Friday with 8 notes / reblog
Ammy! and cat Ammy.
Thursday with 3 notes / reblog

Finally sat down and did Dom’s portrait.

More comic characters!
Monday with 6 notes / reblog

Some older sketches.
Saturday with 2 notes / reblog

little details.

Eyyy look, stuff I’ve already shown.