Hi. I am a Canadian student & soon to be fulltime something or other. I like dogs and writing comics.

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Doodling outfits.
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Some doodles. Hung out with J. and did some sketching at my school while we had coffee.
asexualupin said: what's your favorite thing to draw? and besides tsarmina who is your favorite redwall character?


I love to draw faces. A lot. People in general are my fav.

As for Redwall, probably Rose or Felldoh? I’ll have to read my favourite books again just to be sure. :B I should draw more squirrels!

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Why is this my brain’s reaction every single time.
pettypenguin said: What time do you find you do your most sketching? What do you listen to?


I find I sketch best at night! But that mostly just applies to digital stuff- which makes sense I suppose, since it allows me to see my screen better. When sketching traditionally, I’m most active in the late morning and early afternoon, not just because light is great, but because these are the times when I’m in between classes/my dogs are asleep.

As for what I listen to, when drawing digitally I tend to lean toward just music, soundtracks and things like that. I really like Hey Rosetta, The National, Bastille and Radical Face as well when it comes to drawing music. When doing traditional stuff, I like to put on any tv shows that I’ve missed and listen to those, as well as RT let’s plays, and the odd podcast. Not exactly sure why I tend to switch up my routine, but I’m guessing it has to do with the type of work that I’m doing in each medium.

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Rob used to have long hair, but sometimes on rough nights he makes bad decisions about this body.

+ kit
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Some Valka from HTTYD, and some benders based on friends. And dragon. I was going to include more stuff, but on second thought this is messy enough. ;v
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It’s time for an art dump! Trying to include some of the background characters more, and introducing a new face. 

Part 1 of the art dumps happening today. :B I apologize in advance. 
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I’m actually a huge slob once I get going on something. My supplies just sort of go everywhere. Proper peak at some Kit & Rob redesigns, some redwall junk, 500 million papers and pens, and some textbooks. 
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Sorry for the poor quality, but updates on my big ol’ deer.  
The corner of the black canvas up on the wall is also getting done.