Judging by the huge wave of new followers, I’d say people are hoping for more otters. I will try to deliver. ;v In the meantime, don’t be afraid to recommend ideas, ask questions, or talk to me, I’m a mostly open book.

So, hi, new people. I will try to have another request hour this weekend if I manage to finish up some other stuff I’ve got going on.

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Evidence of said ‘floppy puppy’. Still floppy, still a puppy, but considerably bigger and more heavy-handed (pawed) in the face-punching department.
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Ohh haha I forgot that this was sitting around, but two months ago I adopted a little floppy puppy, and her favourite thing to do is slap me in the face when she realizes that I’m awake. Which is not fun for me.
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Business fish for @illnts!
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Rook for asexualandthecity!
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These are old, but I really loved doing them so they get uploaded anyway. 
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Vikings part 2. I’ve been watching a lot of How to Train Your Dragon, evidently.
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Tarkun doodle for FishyFeeshy from last night. I will definitely be doing more of these, I got a ton last night, so I might sift through those, or open them up at a later date. O:
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Nanuk for adnohrr!