Hi. I am a Canadian student & soon to be fulltime something or other. I like dogs and writing comics.

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Oh man it’s coming back around again!
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I’m really bad at finishing stuff. So have the rest of my unfinished viking series, because I am lazy.
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Look how far we’ve come.
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Panel exercises & character doodles. I’ll be very impressed if you can tell the difference between a botched sketch and an actual character overhaul. ;v

Goodmorning tumblr!
Anonymous said: What are you planning on doing now?

I assume this is in reference to me leaving DA- the short answer is that I have no idea. A slightly longer answer would probably involve me yakking about dogs and other things that I could find gainful employment in.

To the uninitiated, this afternoon I said goodbye to DA. I had cultivated many resources to start a career in art, but it was making me miserable. ‘But Misha, if you want to be a professional artist, you need to learn to have thick skin/take criticism/be consumed with improving' you say! I would like to point out that I have found I am not particularly good at any of these things, hence the realization that maybe I'm not built to be an artist. True, it's a bit of a let down to myself after all these years, but it doesn't mean I can't doodle and create and just have fun. I feel so much better answering to no one, and looking at new hobbies. 

As for leaving DA, but not tumblr, that one is pretty easily explained. I have never been more attacked, accountable, and expected to cater to all as I have been on deviantart. Whether it’s immaturity on both sides, or just the fact that I’m easily offended, it is not a place I want to be when I just want to ‘have fun’. Even my short, succinct, happy goodbye is getting flak, and I’m receiving messages accusing me of not being a proper artist by running away. Uh, yeah, that’s kind of the point. ;)

*Anon if I sound annoyed, I promise it’s not you. I’m feeling a little frazzled that by distancing myself and removing things that make me unhappy, I’m still getting commentary from people I don’t know on DA. But thank you for the message, it has allowed me to write this all out and explain where I’m coming from. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get back in the serious art game, but for now I’m just happy to say bye bye to the negative aspects of online art.

Judging by the huge wave of new followers, I’d say people are hoping for more otters. I will try to deliver. ;v In the meantime, don’t be afraid to recommend ideas, ask questions, or talk to me, I’m a mostly open book.

So, hi, new people. I will try to have another request hour this weekend if I manage to finish up some other stuff I’ve got going on.

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Ohh haha I forgot that this was sitting around, but two months ago I adopted a little floppy puppy, and her favourite thing to do is slap me in the face when she realizes that I’m awake. Which is not fun for me.
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