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Some OC sketches from that short story to break up a pretty ‘blah’ week.
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Early this year I wrote a short comic that never ended up amounting to anything, but hey, that’s life.
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WIP of a basenji. 
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I’m really unhappy with anything that’s not sketches these days. -3-
Friday with 7 notes / reblog
Silly sketches from this week. Jess puts up with my shenanigans when we watch tv.
Friday with 3 notes / reblog
Just a small crop of a refurbished design for someone. It came about because I had accidentally scrapped the original and wanted to make it up to them- I actually think this one came out much better than the original!
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WIP of a very large collab being worked on.

There, added a brief ‘about’ section to the homepage.

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Some detail shots of a quick trade I just finished. 
Tuesday with 17 notes / reblog
A hoodie Bee doodle, from Bee and Puppycat.